Zoo It Yourself Animals, 1960s

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What a CREW!

Zoo It Yourself Tupperware toys from the 1960s.
A colourful menagerie of multi-use plastic that has probably been built and dismantled thousands of times over the past seven decades but remains as unbreakable and downright brilliant as ever.
Many of you might have visceral memories of pulling the limbs and heads off these multi-coloured animals, each one composed of five interchangeable pieces which offered hours of imaginative play.
Personally, they're one of my favourite toys that were trademarked in the 1960s – just so cheery, colourful, adaptable and indestructible.
This set contains one giraffe, two dogs, two elephants and an infinite amount of fun.

So throw a Tupperware party. Make some mammals. Savour some memories. And re-discover the Zoo It Yourselfer in you.