Our Story


Colourful Fable was founded in March 2021 because we ran out of space for the old books we'd been collecting. Our shelves were stacked with beautiful things that told stories and carried secrets. Some with cryptic markings from previous owners in the margin. Others with bewitching old aromas to their pages. All so colourful. So compelling. A joy to read, hold and behold. So when the shelves started sagging beneath the weight of these treasures we decided to share some of them with the world. Along with some very special antique and vintage toys, too. 

We source every item, not just for its value, age or condition, but for the memories it carries. Vivid, impermeable memories that continue to inspire modern minds and shape modern culture. Whether you're a parent or godparent looking for a unique first edition gift, a typographer interested in old typefaces, a history enthusiast, a bookworm or simply someone who appreciates the joy in children's illustration, we hope you enjoy these colourful, uncommon things. Because we love sourcing them for you.