Set of Four Munch Bunch Books, 1980s

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Anyone else spend hours as a kid drawing fruits and vegetables with faces, and giving them stupid names such as Barbara Banana, or Charlie Chive? This was one of my favourite pastimes as a kid, and one that was heavily influenced by The Munch Bunch.

The Munch Bunch launched in 1979 for ITC Entertainment, a string-puppet series featuring the adventures of unwanted fruit and vegetable characters who escape from a greengrocer's shop and start a new home in a country garden.

The books that were published simultaneously were even better than Munch Bunch on screen, written under the pen name Giles Reed by Barrie Henderson, Elizabeth Henderson and Denis Bond, and illustrated by Angela Mitson.

Here’s a nostalgic veggie medley of four Munch Bunch books up for grabs this Friday.

Adam Avocado
Lizzie Leek
Suzie Celery
Tom Tomato

All published by Studio Publications in Ipswich in the 1980s.

Four of your five a day, right there.