The Tufty Road Safety Game, 1973

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The Tufty Road Safety Game.
Produced by Spear’s Games in 1973.

A complete set with six counters, dice, board and instructions inside the lid of the original 1970s box.

A lovely colourful reminder of that bushy-tailed bastion of road safety that was Tufty the Squirrel, whose influence was cemented through the formation of the Tufty Club – a nationwide network of local road safety groups for children.

At its peak, there were 24,500 registered Tufty Clubs, with membership passing two million children in 1972. This board game is just one example of an amazing range of Tufty merchandise that spanned books, comics, jigsaw puzzles, puppets, toothbrushes and knitting patterns.

Thanks for keeping us safe for over five decades Tufty.

You the bomb.