The Junior True Book of Chemistry, 1964

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This joyful little 1960s kids’ chemistry book features the most wonderful mid-century illustrations by George Wilde. Simple, sketch-like, friendly and full to the brim with character, with a colour palette of just black, orange and a warm khaki green. 

Author Philip Carona begins with a child’s natural curiosity about what things are made of, then tells, in simple steps, about everything from element and chemical symbols to compounds, formulas and physical change. With each passage brought to life with Wilde’s simple but unforgettable drawings.

Get your lab coat, goggles and Bunsen burner out, and dive right in…

The Junior True Book of Chemistry

Written by Philip Carona

Illustrated by George Wilde

Published by Frederick Muller Ltd, London, in 1964

Condition: Good. Some marks to front cover, as shown, and a previous owner’s name inside, but generally in good vintage condition.