The Gnome, Willo the Wisp, 1981

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The Gnome
A Tale from Willo the Wisp.
Published in 1981 by Windward
Condition: VG (small tear to top right corner of cover)
Binding: Staple

What kid of the 1980s could forget Willo the Wisp? A series of five-minute BBC cartoons written by Kenneth Williams, and which brought together a motley crew of characters including Evil Edna, a witch shaped like a TV, fun-loving fairy Mavis, weird pink sausage dog The Moog,and The Argonauts, strange alien creatures which flew around In a mushroom. Oh and let’s not forget the eponymous hero Willo, a blue sprite made out of a particularly poisonous-looking gas.

These small format books were spin-offs from the series and flew off the WH Smith’s shelves like psychedelic hot cakes.