The Beatles Yellow Submarine, First Edition, 2004

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The Beatles, Yellow Submarine.
Illustrated by Heinz Edelmann.
Published by Walker Books in 2004.

First edition, first printing 
Binding: Hardcover 
Condition: Excellent

This is a first edition, first printing of The Walker Books edition of Yellow Submarine, published in 2004. (With a 1 present in the number line on copyright page, identifying it as a first.)

This one will definitely increase in value with age.

“All you need is love...But tell that to the Blue Meanies! The Meanies want to sneeze sunny, laughing Pepperland away for ever, and if they get their way, it'll mean the end of music. But there's hope - young Fred manages to climb aboard the Yellow Submarine and escape, travelling 80,000 leagues through monstrous seas to Liverpool, where he finds four fab musicians who might just be able to help...”

So the time-honoured, madcap story unfolds, with iconic artwork by the master talent Heinz Edelmann.