The Ark Book, First Edition, 1920s

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The Ark Book.
Written and illustrated by Freda Derrick.
Published by Blackie & Son in the late 1920s.
Binding: Hardback.
Condition: Good. There is some foxing and slight creasing throughout, and one small tear to a page, but otherwise in good vintage condition. Cover boards  in good condition. No pen marks or inscriptions. Colours bright. 

They talked till the stars went out of the sky, and the Man in the Moon put out his lantern, but they did not seem able to come to any decision. At last the elephant said, “Let the Lion decide”. And the lion roared: “Let us go into the ark.”

The Ark Book is the most beautiful art deco-style picture book by Freda Derrick, published in the late 1920s, and which tells the story of Noah’s Ark and all the animals that came aboard.

Beautiful illustrations, vivid colours and poetic words. An antique treasure of a book, with beauty to be found on every page.