Sylvanian Families Lunchbox by Bluebird, 1980s

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Oh plastic Bluebird lunchbox. What would the 1980s be without you? 

These rectangular little mainstays of the 1980s playground were first produced in 1981 by Bluebird Toys PLC., just after Margaret Thatcher hugely increased the price of school lunches and more and more kids were taking their lunches to school in plastic bags. 
Then came Superman, Super Ted, Postman Pat, Sylvanian Families, Care Bears, My Little Pony and many others emblazoned on trusty, durable Bluebird lunchboxes – offering a sweet farewell to the humble ziplock sandwich bag, and brightening school dining halls across Britain and beyond.
I vividly remember my mum sending me on a school trip with a pack of Skips, carton of Um Bongo and peanut butter sandwich in my Bluebird lunch box, back in the dark days before politically correct drinks, nut allergy awareness, and rigorous NHS five-a-day guidelines.
Times have changed. But Bluebird lunchbox you're absolutely indestructible. 
This particular Sylvanian Families model is in near-mint condition, has the Bluebird logo stamped on the rear and is dated 1988.
Nut-free, raw vegetable-based lunch not included.