The Peter Max Astrologicalendar, 1971

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‘Behold a calendar of color fun, to usher in Nineteen Seventy One. Something special for the Age of Aquarius, running from Capricorn to Sagittarious. It’s a cosmic calendar which was designed by Peter Max with you in mind. He’s reminding you on every page of the dawning of the Golden Age.’

Who could say it better than that?!

This 1971 astrological calendar by Peter Max is unused, vibrating in psychedelic energy and was printed in 1970 by Grosset & Dunlap using almost entirely day-glo inks. 

It’s now rare and about as collectible as it gets. You’ll be hard pressed to find another unused one for less than £250.

The condition is good with all interior calendar pages compete, clean and unmarked.

There is some creasing to front and back cover, and a couple of the blue ring bindings have snapped, but otherwise this is in great condition.

Sadly many of these original calendars were pulled apart and sold as individual posters for each zodiac sign, so it’s a joy to find one still intact with all 12 zodiacs present. 

A special gift for 1971 baby or anyone who loves American psychedelic art and pop art of the 1960s and early 1970s.