Mr Contac Collectibles, 1980-2000

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Having worked in brand and advertising for a fair few years, I’ve developed an interest (well maybe even a passion) in obscure advertising collectibles and quirky brand mascots that bring character and colour to a relentless, sometimes soul-destroying world of sell, sell, sell.

Take Mr Contac, for example… a bug-eyed, loveable little Japanese icon that has brought joy to the world of drugstore advertising and made millions of people feel a little less bad about their pill-popping habits.

Mr Contac originated in Japan some decades ago, but was adopted, given a makeover and became the hero in Glaxo Smith Kline China’s more recent TV campaigns.

Mr Contac incarnations such as these are now highly collectable, not to mention an injection of joy for your fridge, jumper, iPhone or key ring.

This set of five Mr Contac original miniatures are all 10+ years old and in unused condition.

Here, have a dose of happiness with your hydrocortisone.