Milton Glaser Poster, The 3rd National Student Film Festival, USA, 1966

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Milton Glaser poster for the 3rd National Student Film Festival, USA, 1966.

Measurement: 85 x 60 cm.

Condition: Very good. The poster was printed and packed folded, so there are faint fold lines. But no marks or tears and otherwise in great condition.

Milton Glaser was one of the most talented and celebrated graphic artists in the United States. Before his death in 2020, he designed everything from the iconic I Love New York logo while working for the Wells Greens Rich as agency, which still earns NY State $30 million each year, to Art Nouveau-inspired concert posters for Bob Dylan, book covers, vodka bottles, ad campaigns for Campari, AIDS awareness or the Olympic Winter Games, the DC Comics logo, and his wonderful namesake typeface, Glaser Stencil, which drew inspiration from geometric sans-serif fonts such as Futura and Avant Garde.

Glaser’s images and letters helped to define decades, places, brands, musical genres and so much more.

We also have two very special Milton Glaser books landing in stock soon. So stay tuned for those.