Lennon Remembers, 1973

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Lennon Remembers 

The Rolling Stone Interviews by Jann Wenner

Published by Penguin Books in 1973.

Binding: Softcover 

Condition: VG

Lennon Remembers is a 1971 book by Rolling Stone magazine co-founder and editor Jan Wenner, a re-telling of the famous interviews that Wenner carried out with John Lennon in 1970, and which were originally serialised in the magazine. 

Straight-shooting and completely without artifice, the  interview became one of the most influential pieces of rock journalism of its era, and helped to establish Rolling Stone as a commercially successful magazine. 

This Penguin Books edition was published in 1973 and features a pretty awesome cover illustration by Philip Castle, the acclaimed British airbrush artist who is perhaps best known for designing posters for the Stanley Kubrick films A Clockwork Orange and Full Metal Jacket.