Healing Gems, First Edition, 1972

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Healing Gems.

By Doris M. Hodges.

Published by Venton Publications in 1972.

First Edition 

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Excellent

Do gems and stones affect the physical and mental selves of men and women? Are their properties in substances and elements powerful enough, perhaps, to change the destinies of those with whom they come into contact?

This extremely rare first edition of Healing Gems by Doris M. Hodges’ ponders this endless  question, exploring by chapter the healing and mystical properties of 10 different gemstones, from amber to opal to topaz.

Doris M. Hodges has written on the powers of healing, talismans, witchcraft and more, a career inspired by her upbringing in the West Country, and its many links with ancient lore and legend. 

This lovely book is scarce in this edition, and so highly coveted by anyone interested in stones, gems and the occult. 

It also features an amazing jacket drawing of the death mask of King Tutankhamen, by P. Dawson.