Framed Set of Garbage Pail Kids Cards, 1980s

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Which child of the 1980s and early ‘90s didn’t run down to the sweet shop after school on a Friday to buy a pack of Garbage Pail Kids chewing gum and trading cards?

That was our Friday 4pm, standard. A hit of sugar, and a second hit of morbid, comic abnormality on cardboard.

Released in 1985 by Topps Company and designed to parody the more wholesome Cabbage Patch Kids, these original 1980s cards are colourful reminders of how un-PC life was back then! Kids with hairy armpits, horror-like abnormalities or tucking into a nice plate of eyeballs for tea.

Beats Blue Peter, anyway.

These six original 1980s cards come framed in a sky blue clip frame and against a neon orange background.

Glandular Angela
Rod Wad
Bloated Blair
Yicchy Mickey
Muscular Molly
Armpit Britt

Your own little retro piece of schoolroom contraband… anyone?