Felix: Twisted Tales of the World’s Most Famous Cat, First Edition, 1991

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By John Canemaker.

Published by Pantheon in 1991.

First edition.

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Excellent. Like New. 

“Felix the Cat’s producer, Pat Sullivan, claimed credit for creating and developing Felix. But, as author John Canemaker discovered, in truth it was Otto Messmer, Sullivan’s brilliant, self-effacing production manager, who conceived, animated, and directed the more than two hundred Felix films during the period of his greatest popularity.”

Illuminating the entire world of filmmaking in the years before Walt Disney, while setting the record straight on the talent behind our favourite Felix, this beautiful 1991 first edition book is handsomely illustrated and features over 150 photos and full-color inserts.

A brilliant account of the intrigue behind the creation and marketing of the most popular, well-executed, and lucrative cartoon of the silent era.