Cycling Safety Poster, Éditions Rossignol,

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Dépassement interdit poster.
Produced by: Éditions Rossignol Year: 1960
Measurements: 90 x 75 cm
Condition: This poster has some signs of wear, especially at corners, and a small tear on top right edge (as shown in third photo of reverse side). It would still frame beautifully though.

Original cycling safety poster by the amazing Éditions Rossignol - Viennese creator of midcentury posters that decorated mainly French classrooms end educated children with a typically French graphic style.

Twenty years ago you used to be able to find these posters in French markets, but they’ve become increasingly sought after over the years for their beautiful graphics and illustrations, pastel colours and double-sided design (scroll to see reverse side.)

These days they can fetch up to hundreds of pounds in auction.

A present for the cyclist in your life?