Air India Maharajah Mascot, 1970s

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An original Air India Maharajah mascot, made in India in the 1970s. Air India has one of the most iconic advertising histories of any airline, and has created posters with acclaimed artists and illustrators ranging from Umesh Rao to Jean-Thomas ‘Tomi’ Ungerer.

Perhaps its greatest advertising success, however, was the Maharaja, who, with his twirled moustache, striped turban and pristine red outfit, has been associated with the idea of delivering immaculate service since 1946.

Conceived by Bobby Kooka and illustrated by Umesh Rao, the Maharaja was initially designed for an inflight memo pad. But the mascot soon went on to become the face of the airline and propel the company to the forefront of advertising genius in the mid-20th century.

This amazing little Air India keepsake is made from porcelain and stands at just under five inches tall.

He has the original Bandivdekar Indian manufacturer’s label still attached on his underside as proof of authenticity. 

Condition: Condition is overall very good. This model has been hand painted and the paint is still very bright. There are two small chips to base of model, as shown in last image.