Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Death to Pests Poster, 1951

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Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Death to Pests original poster, 1951.

This poster was issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

It was printed for H. M. Stationary Office by J. Howitt and Son Ltd, Nottingham, and released in 1951. It was intended to encourage British growers to combat common vegetable pests.

This postwar period was still characterised by food shortages and rationing. Crop protection was considered a vital part of the national effort. Other incentives and Government support were provided to farmers and food producers at this time.

Measurements: 75cm x 50cm

Condition: This is an original poster from 1951, which, when distributed, was folded eight ways, so there are visible fold marks, some slight yellowing to paper, and a couple of small pin marks to top left corner. Otherwise this poster is in very good condition still, with no major marks or tears.