The Gorey Alphabet, First Edition, 1961

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Written and illustrated by Edward Gorey. 

First UK edition, 1961

Published by Cobstable, London.

Binding: Hardback.

Condition: Book itself in excellent condition with very tight binding and crisp, clean pages. Original dust jacket is in VG condition, with no major tears, but some discolouration at spine, as shown. 

Edward Gorey (1925-2000) was an American writer and artist, child prodigy and extremely high achiever, who creeped into the hearts of those fond of macabre charcaters, dark themes, Victorian and Edwardian settings, and gothic pen-and-ink drawings.

This alphabet book, written for adults, is the First British Edition, from 1962.

It’s filled with lyrical four-line poems with Gorey-esque dark illustrations. Each page is a miniature story with ominous twists. Every letter of the alphabet is given a sardonic four-line verse, illustrated in Gorey's dark and lugubrious style, beginning with 'An Apparition of her lover', and ending with 'The Zouave used to war and battle'.

Beautifully rendered, brilliantly sinister. This first edition is a must-have for any Gorey fan.

This title was published as a small format book, at 15x 12 cm.