The Rose on My Cake, First Edition, 1964

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The Rose on my Cake

Written by Karla Kuskin. 
Published by Harper & Row, New York, in 1964.

First Edition.

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: See details below. 

Within a wood

I simply stood,

My thoughts as deep as wells.

I did not hear the sweet bird song.

I did not hear the bells.

Spring ringing through the valleyed hills

From tree to tree to tree.

I did not hear the 

Windy, haunted rushing of the sea. 

I did not hear the light leaves fall

And whisper to the ground.

I did not hear a thing

Because there wasn’t any sound. 

This is just one poem in this wonderful mid-century illustrated book of poetry by Karla Kuskin. The illustrations and endpapers in are things of great beauty too. 

This book is in decent to good condition with tight spine and pages and a nice clean cover. But some light foxing to interior pages, a bit of discolouration in places, and someone has written the numbers 487 on the title page.

Still a beautiful book though…. I wouldn’t be sorry to hang on to this one!