Set of four OZ books

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The Land of Oz
Ozma of Oz
The Lost Princess of Oz
The Tin Woodman of Oz

Written by L. Frank Baum.
Illustrated by John R. Neill.
Published by The Stellar Press in 1974.

Binding: Hardcover
Condition: Excellent

Four beautiful hardback L. Frank Baum books from 1974, in immaculate condition for their age and sold as a set of FOUR. 

The Oz Series by L. Frank Baum comprises some of the most iconic fairytales ever written, imprinted on kids' imaginations ever since Baum first published The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in 1900.

These collectable 1974 editions, featuring illustrations by master Oz illustrator John R.Neill, are ones to cherish for a lifetime, combining seminal words with supreme drawings.