Ronald and Nancy Reagan Paper Doll Cutout Book, 1981

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This vintage 1981 first family paper doll cutout book, staring Ronald and Nancy Reagan, as well as Patti and Ron Jr., is colourful, collectable and absolutely hilarious. 

We love this kind of inauguration presidential memorabilia: capturing something of the craziness, zealous energy and theatre of American politics, and often a harbinger of an administration's style. 
Regan was the only fashionista movie actor to ever become president, and the standard-setter of a new kind of kitsch. This paper doll cutout book is Reagan kitsch personified, and ALL about the outfits, just as Ron and Nancy's inauguration ceremony was. 
Dress Ron up in cowboy chaps or an astronaut suit. Bestow Nancy with a scepter, an orchid or a boombox. This book offers hours of fun, and is a true US presidency collectible.
We love the 1982 inscription inside the front cover, too: 'Helen, here is a 'royal' souvenir from us in the U.S.'
Beats a Charles and Diana mug, no question.