Pair of Glooks, 1960s/70s

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Weird, scary faces, a shapeless mass of synthetic fibres for a body, and a token pair of tiny feet… Glooks were unlikely icons of the 1960s and 1970s. Pocket-sized pals you could comb, cuddle or pop on the mantelpiece.

Anyone who frequented fairgrounds or high street toy shops during these decades will remember them, a pocket-sized fad that was foisted on the newly consuming baby boomer generation, and remained in production for almost 15 years.

These strange little goblin-faced collectibles (and pre-cursors, in many ways, to the modern-day Furbie) are fairly hard to come by these days. But this pair are just as bizarre, hairy and unprepossessing as you may remember.

Trademarked on underside with the Glook logo.

Condition: Good, as shown.