Guinness Toucan Countertop Mascot, 1970s

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The Guinness toucan was developed for an advertising campaign by John Gilroy in the 1930s, and became the brand’s best loved and most enduring mascot. Gilroy’s original characters for Guinness included a menagerie of animals, including ostriches, bears, pelicans and kangaroos. But it was the toucan that stole our hearts. 

And when Gilroy’s toucan was paired with Dorothy Sayers’ copy (as shown in last photo), so began an advertising success story that has lasted almost a century and is still going strong, with white-topped pints balancing on yellow beaks on counter tops across the continents. 

This large-size original Guinness toucan counter mascot is made from blown resin and was produced in England in the 1980s.  A dash of colour and neotropical nostalgia for any lover of the creamy dark stuff. 

Condition: Excellent  

Measurements: 41 cm in height