Bruno Munari’s ABC, First Edition, 1960

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Published by the World Publishing Company, New York, in 1960.

First Edition

Binding: Hardback. 

Condition: Near mint (without dust jacket)

This is a first edition, second printing of Bruno Munari’s ABC. A beautiful book in beautiful condition, by the master of modernist children’s books. 

Bruno Munari was one of the most celebrated names in 20th century graphic design. He was also an artist, product designer and inventor who contributed to many schools of visual arts and design, including modernism, futurism and concrete art. He also art directed Domus magazine for a spell, produced a couple of films and write and illustrated some of the best kids’ books ever created. 

It’s not easy to find a first of this book in such beautiful condition, with its illustrations managing to be simple, powerful and ironic all at the same time. 

A man of many talents… hats off to you Bruno!