Animals for Sale, Bruno Munari, 1957

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Animals for Sale.

Written and illustrated by Bruno Munari.

Published by the World Publishing Company in 1957.

First Edition. 

Binding: Hardback. 

Condition: VG. Some foxing and discolouration of pages due to age, but no pen marks or inscriptions, no tears, and binding still tight. In generally great condition for a book of this age. 

Painter, sculptor, photographer, designer of books, toys and mobiles…. Bruno Munari “turns everything he touches into a work of art.” And this modernist children’s book is one of his masterpieces. 

Translated from the Italian by Maria Cimino, this first English-language edition of Animals for Sale is beautiful, original and unforgettable, featuring flaps of different sizes that reveal Munari’s animals, each with its own silly little reason why not to buy them. 

“Would you like a porcupine? It would be a fine site in the snow. You could keep it on the porch”.

“No, this one is too cross.”

Simple words. Sensational design.

And in great condition for its almost seven decades of age.