A-Team Action Figures by Cannell Toys, 1983

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Complete set of A-Team action figures by Cannell Toys, realeased in 1983, the same year the A-Team first aired on television.  

You have the full gang here: Murdock, B.A. Baracas, Face and Hannibal.

Four pint-sized collectibles to take you back to an era when the definition of action-adventure was a dream team of four gun-slinging ex-‘Nam vets rolling around town in a black and red GMC Vandura. 

Each episode would invariably start with a bunch of innocent underdogs being menaced by baddies who were after their land, water, taxi company, etc. Enter the A-Team to restore the world to rights… the eternal good guys, despite being in hiding for committing a crime they didn’t commit.

Smoke, fire, stunts, machine guns the and most predictable, wonderful plots.

What would the 1980s be without it? 

These collectable figures are stamped and dated on the reverse side, as shown in the last photo, as a guarantee of their authenticity. 

Condition: Good, as shown.